The Arab Youth Network for Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (AYN-SRHR) is a transnational network of young students, researchers, healthcare providers, and grassroots advocates promoting SRHR  in Arab societies. Our mission is to bring the intergenerational lived realities of our local communities to national, regional and international policy-making processes, in order to hold governments accountable and to lobby for the implementation of all signed agreements and treaties.


Our vision is to ensure that all those living in Arab societies – especially women, young people, and marginalized communities (such as migrants, refugees, undocumented peoples, or those with nonconforming genders and sexualities, and persons living with HIV/AIDS, with disabilities, and those in rural areas) – have the right to access information and services, and make their own informed sexual and reproductive choices in safe spaces, free of stigma, judgement, discrimination, coercion, and violence.

We envision a world that upholds the right to comprehensive sexuality education; full access to affordable youth-friendly high-quality sexual and reproductive health care and services, free of stigma and discrimination, regardless of sex, gender, sexual practices, age, race, and sect. We envision a world recognizing each individual’s right to bodily integrity and confidentiality in safe environments, as well as the choice and right to enjoy a healthy sexual life in accordance with one’s values.


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